@HockeyyInsiderr breaking the Turris signing 12 days before everyone else: best insider in history of sports?

I have been aware for a long time Hockeyy Insiderr is the best insider for NHL matters. I am starting to have a firm conviction that all sports confounded, Hockeyy Insiderr is the best, most reliable and most accurate news breaking source. In the sports industry. Not at the moment, but since the beginning of professional sports in North America.

It literally seems like every trade and signing that happened this summer in the NHL was broken by Hockeyy Insiderr. Perhaps because that’s factual.

Today the Sens extended Turris to a 5 year deal worth $3.5M per season. On August 17 (12 days ago!), Hockeyy Insiderr announced to his army of loyal Twitter followers that Ottawa was negotiating with Turris for an extension


He stated the same day that the Sens were looking to lock Turris up for 4+ years


Once more, this came out of left field. Nobody in the hockey world had even mentioned this possibility. What really impresses me is how Hockeyy Insiderr had the scoop for such an unlikely deal. A 2nd line (at best) restricted free agent who still has 1 year left on his contract signing a long term extension?

Surprised by this news Darren Dreger? HockeyyInsiderr’s followers weren’t!

I will continue to show the world the supremacy of the undisputed best NHL insider, Hockeyy Insiderr.

Thank you for reading me. My twitter handle is @HIislegit.


@HockeyyInsiderr and his coverage of the Hall signing: how his followers knew everything that happened before everyone else

The Edmonton Oilers have re-signed forward Taylor Hall to a monster 7 year $42M deal. Good move? Too early in his career and hasn’t proved himself enough yet? All good questions but besides the point. The important thing in this news is how Hockeyy Insiderr provided the best and most accurate coverage concerning the negotiations between the team and the player, and everything that happened behind the scenes.

On August 18 HockeyyInsiderr mentioned Oilers were negotiations 5+ year deals with Hall and Eberle


Hall signed a 7 year deal (which is indeed more than 5) 4 days later.

The following day, on August 19, Hockeyy Insiderr had breaking news. First insider to report the initial Hall offer: 6 years, 5.8M average cap hit.


Go ahead and verify, nobody else had this prior to Hockeyy Insiderr.

On August 21, the day before Hall sign, Hockeyy Insiderr had yet more breaking news.


He told his followers that Oilers increased their offer for Hall. Well indeed, it went from 6 years to 7 years and from $5.8M to $6M. Coincidence that Hall accepted this offer? The following day? Come on, not even the Hockeyy Insiderr haters (yeah I’m looking at you Darren) aren’t stupid enough to make such a pompous claim.

And of course the following day the news was broken by Hockeyy Insiderr that Hall and Oilers agreed to a deal.


And mainstream media caught up soon afterwards.

Another page in the story of Hockeyy Insiderr is now written. More and more of the “haters” are being won over. Noticed this when HockeyyInsiderr had the info Kane demanded for a trade and Dreger denied it. The fans all sided with Hockeyy Insiderr. Really happy for the guy, he is finally getting a small part of the infinite credit he fully deserves.

And I’ll end this with a little insider info of my own, as a TSN employee. Here at TSN the big name hockey reporters (Dreger and McKenzie per say) have a tendency to deny any rumors that weren’t broken by TSN.

How come Kane hasn’t signed yet? I have to side with Hockeyy Insiderr on this one… again!

Will continue my series of articles proving beyond any reasonable doubt the legitimacy of Hockeyy Insiderr. Until he is crowned as #1 source for all hockey rumors.

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How RDS frauded @HockeyyInsiderr and stole his information.

This morning @HockeyyInsiderr tweeted Markov was suing his insurance guy for over $1M. Also said that the reason was Markov had been abused and taken advantage of, due to the fact his knowledge of the English language is sub par. Here is the above mentioned tweet, which @HockeyyInsiderr published at 6:58AM ET.


Now, by simply doing a search on Twitter for the word “MARKOV” you will see nobody else had any information whatsoever regarding this situation prior to the info released by @HockeyyInsiderr.

Mainstream media writer Greg Wyshynski ripped off the @HockeyyInsiderr story at 6:07 PM ET, 12 hours later:


But the most serious accusation this article brings to light is towards RDS, the TV station covering the Montreal Canadiens across the province of Quebec (which is by the way my employer TSN’s sister station). At 9:39AM ET, @RDSInfo_ published the Markov story. Same details as Hockeyy Insiderr, as per my French speaking buddy. Markov suing, language barrier etc. Not only did they not quote @HockeyyInsiderr for breaking the news, but they made it seem as if they had the scoop for this.


Now beyond the extreme lack of professionalism and the unethical procedure used to steal the @HockeyyInsiderr information, a question arises in the mind of this disgruntled TSN employee. How can mainstream media accuse @HockeyyInsiderr for stealing info from them, yet so rudely rip off a story from him? It wasn’t even subtle!

I will not rest until @HockeyyInsiderr gets the credit he so fully deserves.

You can follow me on Twitter at @HIisLegit. At 100k followers I will reveal my name on live TV and quit TSN (while making a scene!). Waiting comments from readers to vote on 2 issues:

1) Who is your favorite rumor monger: HockeyyInsiderr vs Eklund.

2)Who is your favorite TSN guy: Dan O’Toole vs Jay Onrait.

3)Who do you hate most: Darren Dreger or Aaron Ward.

Waiting your responses and I shall be writing another blog tomorrow on HockeyyInsiderr’s coverage of the Hall negotiations.

Thanks for reading me.

@HockeyyInsiderr and the Weber coverage: how this man provided the fastest and most accurate info

The Weber saga came as a bit of a surprise in this somewhat eventful NHL off-season.

The Flyers signed Weber to an offer sheet, something that nobody believed could be possible. Nobody expect for people that follow and believe HockeyyInsiderr that is!

This tweet came from him on July 5, exactly 2 weeks before the Flyers signed Weber to the offer sheet.


Of course, HockeyyInsiderr got called a hack, fraud etc. as per the usual dumb asses that follow him just to bash. Of course the Flyers would never do such a thing.

Then in the early hours of July 19 the unimaginable happened. The Flyers signed Weber to an offer sheet (!). 14 years deal, worth $110M.

I will give credit to Darren Dreger for being the first to release the info that Weber has signed the offer sheet


However, less than 15 minutes later (around 1:13PM ET) HockeyyInsiderr tweeted this

https://twitter.com/HockeyyInsiderr/status/225820542933032960 which represents the exact term AND money on the deal. 

Now HockeyyInsiderr is getting a lot of grief for having good info but vague info. Being close but not precise enough. I didn’t see anyone give Dreger a hard time for saying 100M+. That’s pretty vague. Gotta give this one to HockeyyInsiderr who broke the exact deal.

I challenge you all to find a Twitter feed that had the exact TERM AND MONEY for the Weber offer sheet. You won’t be able to.

What followed was almost 6 days of coverage of the situation in which it isn’t even debatable that HockeyyInsiderr had AMAZINGLY accurate info. Dreger on the other hand… not so much. And neither did the mainstream media, who kept guessing for the most part that Preds weren’t going to match. But I’ll let you draw your own conclusions based on the tweets which I will present to you below.

On the date of July 23 2012 at 4:12 PM ET (about 23 hours before Preds officially announced they matched) HockeyyInsiderr tweeted this:


Again, so much for the nay-sayers complaining HockeyyInsiderr is vague!

I will personally give 1000$ to the person that points out a tweet earlier than this one from any insider (Mainstream or not) saying that Preds will match. Guess what I’m keeping my $$$. HockeyyInsiderr was first to break this.

Here comes the REALLY FUNNY PART. Same day, 5:13PM ET AKA 1 hour after the HockeyyInsiderr breaking news Darren Dreger tweets the EXACT opposite! Owners still undecided about the Weber situation, and very unlikely they will match. Proof? Here:



Were you too busy snorting coke off your buddy’ Aaron Ward’s butt in the TSN bathroom? Perhaps but I shall not embark in this as your personal life and choices are none of my business. However, had the situation been the other way around AKA Dreger making a report, HockeyyInsiderr denying it and then the report actually coming to fruition, the whole world would have buried HockeyyInsiderr. Just sayin!

Next day at 3:11 PM HockeyyInsiderr announced the official news that the Preds have indeed officially matched the Weber offer sheet.


Soon after, Mainstream Media and my dear colleague Darren Dreger caught up to the news as well. This is Dreger’s tweet at 3:12 (one minute after HockeyyInsiderr, copy and paste much DD?)


This situation has remained unknown to the public for long enough. People deserve to read and acknowledge how the media darling of NHL deal reporting has been schooled from A to Z on perhaps the biggest story of the summer by an anonymous blogger. Would like to hear your take on this, especially the HockeyyInsiderr “haters”. Post comments or respond to me via Twitter @HIisLegit

Expect more evidence. I will not rest.

HockeyyInsiderr: Habs inside info before anyone else

I am continuing my series to prove the entire planet that HockeyyInsiderr is the most legit hockey news breaker not only on Twitter, not only of the moment, but since the beginning of time. (Just kidding there, starting to sound schizophrenic but it’s all in good humor)


OK so last night HockeyyInsiderr tweeted this:


At first myself was skeptical. Pacioretty just got extended. DD could be a 1 hit wonder. Maybe HI is just looking for hits with this? And he got a fair bit of heat for this info:

https://twitter.com/HabsHockey91/status/235212126824833026 (from a 16 year old kid claiming to have friends within Habs organization)

Today Marc Bergevin (the Habs GM) held a press conference answering the main stream media questions. All of a sudden everyone caught up to the HockeyyInsiderr news from last night! Quotes from MTL based journalists

https://twitter.com/ArponBasu/status/235438299773280256 Arpon Basu

https://twitter.com/EricEngels/status/235408736053784576 Eric Engels 

Well I guess if real journalists tweet it or Marc Bergevin says it, it must be news! HockeyyInsiderr followers knew this yesterday. Just sayin…

My Twitter handle is @HIisLegit

Will keep updating and letting the world know the only people more schizophrenic than me are actually the HockeyyInsiderr “haters”.



@HockeyyInsiderr: Why would he not be legit and yet have the entire NHL follow him religiously?

This article continues the series with the sole purpose of showing the world Hockeyy Insiderr is legit. If this guy was some sort of impostor, why would such a large portion of the NHL community follow him on Twitter, interact with him on a daily basis and RT his Tweets?

Let’s start with the players that follow HockeyyInsiderr on twitter:

-Habs Captain Brian Gionta @giostyle21

-Flyers D Bruno Gervais @bruno_gervais27

-Sabres Marcus Foligno @MARCUSFOLIGNO

-Top prospect Simon Despres @DESPRES747

-Habs prospect Morgan Ellis @MORGANELLIS4

-Brandon Segal @BRANDON_SEGAL

– Nathan oystrick @Oystie74


Furthermore, some former NHL players also follow HockeyyInsiderr

-Kevin Weekes @kevinweekes

-Tyson Nash @TysonNash

– Chris Therrien @Ctherien6

-Gordie Dwyer @GDWYER32

-Gino Odjick @Ginodjick

-Famous twitterer Paul Bissonette has RTed HockeyyInsiderr info re player agent info.

-Official NHL Teams Twitter follow HockeyyInsiderr: @TBlightning / @PredsNHL / @PhoenixCoyotes after his coverage on Carle/Weber/Doan.

-Pro teams from AHL and CHL follow him: @torontomarlies / @juniormontreal / @BULLDOGSAHL. In fact, the official twitter of the @LHJMQ follows HockeyyInsiderr!


-RDS reporters follow HockeyyInsiderr (in fact the RDS official twitter does as well @rdsca)

-Chantal Machabee @chantalmachabee

-L.P Neveu (chief of hockey ops) @LPNeveurds

-Katia Aubin @katiaAubinRDS

-Val Sardins @valsardinrds


-TVA reporters that follow HockeyyInsiderr:

-Karine Champagne @karinechampagne

-Stephane Gonzalez @stephgonzz

-Patrick Caisse @patrickcaisse


– TSN and Sportsnet reporters follow HockeyyInsiderr:

-Jim Lang @JimLang590

-Marc Crawford @TSNMarcCrawford who started following when HI was tweeting about the interview process for Habs coach. Marc told me his info was amazingly accurate…

-Damien Cox @damospin

-Tony Ambrogio @SNTonyambrogio

-Ian Mendes @ian_mendes

-Mike Johnson @mike_p_johnson


Other beat writers/ NHL credentialed writers/ESPN reporters/ local news reporters follow HockeyyInsiderr. Here are some names (retrieving the whole list would have taken me days probably)

@chriskuc @manayunkmike @JoshRimerhockey @AndyPHNIC

@Zeisberger @Thegreenmen


@KevSylvester @incarceratedbob  @kevin_mcgran  @philhulett  @thevoiceDS

@donlagreca  @jcolony13  @tbnbucky  @brian_metzer  @astockey @globekpd @monikaplatek

@pgshelly  @PREDSONTHEGLASS  @D_Leed

@1500espnjud  @ScottRintoul

@MattSekeres @tg_gman

@MolinariPG @jeffskversky


@Lisahalverstadt @Richiewalsh

@Dereksnider  @pensdeptothg  @SSimpsonhockey


Celebrity accounts following HockeyyInsiderr include:

@JDeQuebec Quebec main newspaper

@taystevens  porn star and huge hockey fan

@sportsrantz 350k followers on Twitter

@onemillionfacts twitter celeb

@AndreDucharme Quebec comedian

@baruchelndg Jay Barucher, Holywood actor and director of hockey movie GOON @hotpixxx twitter celeb

@JoePosa reality show celebrity


As you can see, it is difficult to insinuate that all these “plugged in” people follow a fraud. I think my point is clear. At the same time I’d like to address the idiots saying I am HockeyyInsiderr.

H.I. is on a plane going to Canada right now as we speak. I hope this clears up that silly rumor. I will continue to provide these articles to prove beyond all doubt that HockeyyInsiderr not only is legit, but at the moment he is the best connected person in the world that is willing to share NHL rumors with everyone.

Thank you for reading me. My twitter name is @HIisLegit

Why @HockeyyInsiderr is Legit

Hello friends.

My name is something I cannot reveal just like HockeyyInsiderr. I currently am employed by TSN and revealing my name would lose me my job. But I know who HockeyyInsiderr is and he knows who I am.

In fact, I will contact him via phone before posting this blog to tell him about it.

The purpose of this article is to show the world H.I. is not only a legitimate news breaker, but often his contacts provide him with inside scoops well ahead of mainstream media. I am doing this because he deserves the cred, not because he is my friend and not because working with Dreger, I find him more and more snotty every day. He thinks since Aaron Ward kisses his ass daily, he is the center of the universe… But I will not diverge from the purpose of this article any longer.

Here are some examples of stories broken by H.I. via Twitter. I challenge anyone to find someone who had the scoop before H.I. did. I couldn’t.

1) Vlasic signing with Sharks. https://twitter.com/HockeyyInsiderr/status/223150088334229504

2)Wolski signing with Caps https://twitter.com/HockeyyInsiderr/status/223147894369288192

3)Jagr signing with Stars, early morning the day of the signing!

4) Maybe one of the most amazing ones. Carle signing with TB, 48 hours before it was announced

5) Salvador re-signing with NJ, the night before he did.

6) Garrison signing with Canucks, hours before official announcement.

7) Schultz choosing Oilers, the day before it happened.

8) No doubt one of the most epic tweets. Announces Prust has Habs on top of his list. Also saying Quick and Crosby close to signing long term extensions, both announced officially by mainstream media and respective teams 48 hours later…

9) My personal favorite. Roy for Ott+? 2 weeks before it happened and this trade took everyone by surprise. Except HockeyyInsiderr’s followers.

10) Crosby signing extension 5 days before it happened.

11) Canes acquiring Staal 4 days before it happened.

12) Resurrecting the Schenn for JVR trade when everyone had it dead.

13) One of the top 5 without a doubt. Habs choosing assistant coach 2 weeks before it happened. Stuck to his guns despite every media outlet bashing him for this “fake info” which turned out to pan out.

14) Penner re-signing in LA.

15) Habs choosing Therrien as head coach. A month before official announcement!

16) Gauthier fired as Habs GM.

17) Devils hiring Stevens as assistant coach.

18) Quincey signing 24 hours before anyone (including Dreger who got the credit for the info)

19) Possibility of Weber being offer sheeted, when everyone said that was never going to happen.

20) Skinner re-signing with Canes 1 day before team announced it


21) Canes sign Semin. 1 day before actual official announcement.


22) Voracek extension 6 hours before everyone else.


23) Actual Weber term (HI got this correct, Dreger reported 100M+)


24) One of the best. Weber offer matched exactly 24 hours before Preds announced it.


This is only over the last 2 months since the creator of HockeyyInsiderr let me know about his account.

Now the most heat he gets is for divulging “wrong info” on Parise and Suter.

H.I. said Parise had a verbal agreement with the Pens and Suter with the Wings. I don’t know if this was true or not. I do work for TSN but I don’t have very many sources myself. I did hear Dreger speaking about Suter and Wings being as good as done. Didn’t hear much on Parise and Pens. But all this is beyond the point. The point is the following HockeyyInsiderr tweet from the morning Suter and Parise signed with Wild.

Again, about 6 hours before mainstream media broke official word they signed in Minny.

Bottom line is things do change fast in NHL talks. And H.I. remained on top of the story and released the info (once again, first) as soon as it was out there.

I am writing this blog in order for people to realize how legit HockeyyInsiderr is. Will keep on helping him getting the cred he deserves.



Disclaimer: My views and the views expressed in my articles or through Twitter do not represent those expressed by TSN.