@HockeyyInsiderr: Why would he not be legit and yet have the entire NHL follow him religiously?

This article continues the series with the sole purpose of showing the world Hockeyy Insiderr is legit. If this guy was some sort of impostor, why would such a large portion of the NHL community follow him on Twitter, interact with him on a daily basis and RT his Tweets?

Let’s start with the players that follow HockeyyInsiderr on twitter:

-Habs Captain Brian Gionta @giostyle21

-Flyers D Bruno Gervais @bruno_gervais27

-Sabres Marcus Foligno @MARCUSFOLIGNO

-Top prospect Simon Despres @DESPRES747

-Habs prospect Morgan Ellis @MORGANELLIS4

-Brandon Segal @BRANDON_SEGAL

– Nathan oystrick @Oystie74


Furthermore, some former NHL players also follow HockeyyInsiderr

-Kevin Weekes @kevinweekes

-Tyson Nash @TysonNash

– Chris Therrien @Ctherien6

-Gordie Dwyer @GDWYER32

-Gino Odjick @Ginodjick

-Famous twitterer Paul Bissonette has RTed HockeyyInsiderr info re player agent info.

-Official NHL Teams Twitter follow HockeyyInsiderr: @TBlightning / @PredsNHL / @PhoenixCoyotes after his coverage on Carle/Weber/Doan.

-Pro teams from AHL and CHL follow him: @torontomarlies / @juniormontreal / @BULLDOGSAHL. In fact, the official twitter of the @LHJMQ follows HockeyyInsiderr!


-RDS reporters follow HockeyyInsiderr (in fact the RDS official twitter does as well @rdsca)

-Chantal Machabee @chantalmachabee

-L.P Neveu (chief of hockey ops) @LPNeveurds

-Katia Aubin @katiaAubinRDS

-Val Sardins @valsardinrds


-TVA reporters that follow HockeyyInsiderr:

-Karine Champagne @karinechampagne

-Stephane Gonzalez @stephgonzz

-Patrick Caisse @patrickcaisse


– TSN and Sportsnet reporters follow HockeyyInsiderr:

-Jim Lang @JimLang590

-Marc Crawford @TSNMarcCrawford who started following when HI was tweeting about the interview process for Habs coach. Marc told me his info was amazingly accurate…

-Damien Cox @damospin

-Tony Ambrogio @SNTonyambrogio

-Ian Mendes @ian_mendes

-Mike Johnson @mike_p_johnson


Other beat writers/ NHL credentialed writers/ESPN reporters/ local news reporters follow HockeyyInsiderr. Here are some names (retrieving the whole list would have taken me days probably)

@chriskuc @manayunkmike @JoshRimerhockey @AndyPHNIC

@Zeisberger @Thegreenmen


@KevSylvester @incarceratedbob  @kevin_mcgran  @philhulett  @thevoiceDS

@donlagreca  @jcolony13  @tbnbucky  @brian_metzer  @astockey @globekpd @monikaplatek

@pgshelly  @PREDSONTHEGLASS  @D_Leed

@1500espnjud  @ScottRintoul

@MattSekeres @tg_gman

@MolinariPG @jeffskversky


@Lisahalverstadt @Richiewalsh

@Dereksnider  @pensdeptothg  @SSimpsonhockey


Celebrity accounts following HockeyyInsiderr include:

@JDeQuebec Quebec main newspaper

@taystevens  porn star and huge hockey fan

@sportsrantz 350k followers on Twitter

@onemillionfacts twitter celeb

@AndreDucharme Quebec comedian

@baruchelndg Jay Barucher, Holywood actor and director of hockey movie GOON @hotpixxx twitter celeb

@JoePosa reality show celebrity


As you can see, it is difficult to insinuate that all these “plugged in” people follow a fraud. I think my point is clear. At the same time I’d like to address the idiots saying I am HockeyyInsiderr.

H.I. is on a plane going to Canada right now as we speak. I hope this clears up that silly rumor. I will continue to provide these articles to prove beyond all doubt that HockeyyInsiderr not only is legit, but at the moment he is the best connected person in the world that is willing to share NHL rumors with everyone.

Thank you for reading me. My twitter name is @HIisLegit


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