@HockeyyInsiderr and the Weber coverage: how this man provided the fastest and most accurate info

The Weber saga came as a bit of a surprise in this somewhat eventful NHL off-season.

The Flyers signed Weber to an offer sheet, something that nobody believed could be possible. Nobody expect for people that follow and believe HockeyyInsiderr that is!

This tweet came from him on July 5, exactly 2 weeks before the Flyers signed Weber to the offer sheet.


Of course, HockeyyInsiderr got called a hack, fraud etc. as per the usual dumb asses that follow him just to bash. Of course the Flyers would never do such a thing.

Then in the early hours of July 19 the unimaginable happened. The Flyers signed Weber to an offer sheet (!). 14 years deal, worth $110M.

I will give credit to Darren Dreger for being the first to release the info that Weber has signed the offer sheet


However, less than 15 minutes later (around 1:13PM ET) HockeyyInsiderr tweeted this

https://twitter.com/HockeyyInsiderr/status/225820542933032960 which represents the exact term AND money on the deal. 

Now HockeyyInsiderr is getting a lot of grief for having good info but vague info. Being close but not precise enough. I didn’t see anyone give Dreger a hard time for saying 100M+. That’s pretty vague. Gotta give this one to HockeyyInsiderr who broke the exact deal.

I challenge you all to find a Twitter feed that had the exact TERM AND MONEY for the Weber offer sheet. You won’t be able to.

What followed was almost 6 days of coverage of the situation in which it isn’t even debatable that HockeyyInsiderr had AMAZINGLY accurate info. Dreger on the other hand… not so much. And neither did the mainstream media, who kept guessing for the most part that Preds weren’t going to match. But I’ll let you draw your own conclusions based on the tweets which I will present to you below.

On the date of July 23 2012 at 4:12 PM ET (about 23 hours before Preds officially announced they matched) HockeyyInsiderr tweeted this:


Again, so much for the nay-sayers complaining HockeyyInsiderr is vague!

I will personally give 1000$ to the person that points out a tweet earlier than this one from any insider (Mainstream or not) saying that Preds will match. Guess what I’m keeping my $$$. HockeyyInsiderr was first to break this.

Here comes the REALLY FUNNY PART. Same day, 5:13PM ET AKA 1 hour after the HockeyyInsiderr breaking news Darren Dreger tweets the EXACT opposite! Owners still undecided about the Weber situation, and very unlikely they will match. Proof? Here:



Were you too busy snorting coke off your buddy’ Aaron Ward’s butt in the TSN bathroom? Perhaps but I shall not embark in this as your personal life and choices are none of my business. However, had the situation been the other way around AKA Dreger making a report, HockeyyInsiderr denying it and then the report actually coming to fruition, the whole world would have buried HockeyyInsiderr. Just sayin!

Next day at 3:11 PM HockeyyInsiderr announced the official news that the Preds have indeed officially matched the Weber offer sheet.


Soon after, Mainstream Media and my dear colleague Darren Dreger caught up to the news as well. This is Dreger’s tweet at 3:12 (one minute after HockeyyInsiderr, copy and paste much DD?)


This situation has remained unknown to the public for long enough. People deserve to read and acknowledge how the media darling of NHL deal reporting has been schooled from A to Z on perhaps the biggest story of the summer by an anonymous blogger. Would like to hear your take on this, especially the HockeyyInsiderr “haters”. Post comments or respond to me via Twitter @HIisLegit

Expect more evidence. I will not rest.


5 thoughts on “@HockeyyInsiderr and the Weber coverage: how this man provided the fastest and most accurate info

  1. HockeyyInsiderr is the best. He’s been the best sourceof inside info. on the NHL all season long too. Better than anyone on TSN including McKenzie and Dreger.

    As a Flyers fan, I want HockeyyInsiderr to know how much I truly appreciate all of his hard work, especially concerning the Flyers.

    Keep up the great work and keep making the MSM look like the asses they really are!

  2. A few points.

    1.) As an Anon blogger there is no professionalism and hockeyinsiderr has proven this time and time again. So he and DD are in separate leagues.
    2.) DD reports and has much better opinions on the matters than just getting the info out there.
    3.) Who cares if one person is 15 seconds or 15 minutes quicker. I respect DD and would rather here it from him, rather than some guy that will brag about it, and get his friends to write stupid articles about how he’s that much faster.
    4.)You cannot prove exactly when the Preds ownership decided they would put up the funds. You can only prove that hockeyinsiderr stated they did at that time, which is a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong.
    5.) All the power to hockeyinsiderr. He gets the info, its great for him. But he and his supporters should rise above and let his work do his talking. Not run around with a hey look at me, I think I am better than anyone else attitude. He does good work, but lacks respect and therefore gets none.

  3. My opinion (not trying to bash or anything just stating my opinion) is that a lot of HI’s followers don’t care to hear all of this. We don’t need “proof” of how legit he is. And I’d bet 99% of us follow Dreger too. Why? Because we don’t care who the better insider is. We don’t care who beat whom to the punch of breaking a transaction. Both HI and Dreger have been right on some deals and wrong on others. Whatever–why does it have to be a competition? I’m not exactly sure why you created this account–I think you’re just HI’s buddy or alter ego or something and not actually a TSN worker (and I definitely can’t believe you’d actually throw away a job at TSN just because you got to 100000 followers) but whatever I could be wrong. But I do believe that HI is going to lose followers because of this. Not because they’re “disloyal” followers like you guys will claim but because we’re only interested in hockey transactions/rumours and not some anonymous guy trying to convince us how legit or better some other anonymous guy is at breaking rumours. Listen, I’ve enjoyed following HI aside from the occasional arrogant, self-grandiose, self-tooting statements he makes. But I’ve been close to unfollowing him lately because of all this identity crap (I mean why would you ever talk about it if you’re not planning to tell us anyway) and HIisLegit stuff that’s been going on (and I think others have too). I wish you guys the best and thank HI for all the enjoyable hockey-related tweets. But please–just a little piece of advice so take it or leave it–keep it to that. Put the identity, HIvsDD, and HI is legit stuff to rest. Thanks and take care.

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