HockeyyInsiderr: Habs inside info before anyone else

I am continuing my series to prove the entire planet that HockeyyInsiderr is the most legit hockey news breaker not only on Twitter, not only of the moment, but since the beginning of time. (Just kidding there, starting to sound schizophrenic but it’s all in good humor)


OK so last night HockeyyInsiderr tweeted this:

At first myself was skeptical. Pacioretty just got extended. DD could be a 1 hit wonder. Maybe HI is just looking for hits with this? And he got a fair bit of heat for this info: (from a 16 year old kid claiming to have friends within Habs organization)

Today Marc Bergevin (the Habs GM) held a press conference answering the main stream media questions. All of a sudden everyone caught up to the HockeyyInsiderr news from last night! Quotes from MTL based journalists Arpon Basu Eric Engels 

Well I guess if real journalists tweet it or Marc Bergevin says it, it must be news! HockeyyInsiderr followers knew this yesterday. Just sayin…

My Twitter handle is @HIisLegit

Will keep updating and letting the world know the only people more schizophrenic than me are actually the HockeyyInsiderr “haters”.




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