How RDS frauded @HockeyyInsiderr and stole his information.

This morning @HockeyyInsiderr tweeted Markov was suing his insurance guy for over $1M. Also said that the reason was Markov had been abused and taken advantage of, due to the fact his knowledge of the English language is sub par. Here is the above mentioned tweet, which @HockeyyInsiderr published at 6:58AM ET.

Now, by simply doing a search on Twitter for the word “MARKOV” you will see nobody else had any information whatsoever regarding this situation prior to the info released by @HockeyyInsiderr.

Mainstream media writer Greg Wyshynski ripped off the @HockeyyInsiderr story at 6:07 PM ET, 12 hours later:

But the most serious accusation this article brings to light is towards RDS, the TV station covering the Montreal Canadiens across the province of Quebec (which is by the way my employer TSN’s sister station). At 9:39AM ET, @RDSInfo_ published the Markov story. Same details as Hockeyy Insiderr, as per my French speaking buddy. Markov suing, language barrier etc. Not only did they not quote @HockeyyInsiderr for breaking the news, but they made it seem as if they had the scoop for this.

Now beyond the extreme lack of professionalism and the unethical procedure used to steal the @HockeyyInsiderr information, a question arises in the mind of this disgruntled TSN employee. How can mainstream media accuse @HockeyyInsiderr for stealing info from them, yet so rudely rip off a story from him? It wasn’t even subtle!

I will not rest until @HockeyyInsiderr gets the credit he so fully deserves.

You can follow me on Twitter at @HIisLegit. At 100k followers I will reveal my name on live TV and quit TSN (while making a scene!). Waiting comments from readers to vote on 2 issues:

1) Who is your favorite rumor monger: HockeyyInsiderr vs Eklund.

2)Who is your favorite TSN guy: Dan O’Toole vs Jay Onrait.

3)Who do you hate most: Darren Dreger or Aaron Ward.

Waiting your responses and I shall be writing another blog tomorrow on HockeyyInsiderr’s coverage of the Hall negotiations.

Thanks for reading me.


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