@HockeyyInsiderr and his coverage of the Hall signing: how his followers knew everything that happened before everyone else

The Edmonton Oilers have re-signed forward Taylor Hall to a monster 7 year $42M deal. Good move? Too early in his career and hasn’t proved himself enough yet? All good questions but besides the point. The important thing in this news is how Hockeyy Insiderr provided the best and most accurate coverage concerning the negotiations between the team and the player, and everything that happened behind the scenes.

On August 18 HockeyyInsiderr mentioned Oilers were negotiations 5+ year deals with Hall and Eberle


Hall signed a 7 year deal (which is indeed more than 5) 4 days later.

The following day, on August 19, Hockeyy Insiderr had breaking news. First insider to report the initial Hall offer: 6 years, 5.8M average cap hit.


Go ahead and verify, nobody else had this prior to Hockeyy Insiderr.

On August 21, the day before Hall sign, Hockeyy Insiderr had yet more breaking news.


He told his followers that Oilers increased their offer for Hall. Well indeed, it went from 6 years to 7 years and from $5.8M to $6M. Coincidence that Hall accepted this offer? The following day? Come on, not even the Hockeyy Insiderr haters (yeah I’m looking at you Darren) aren’t stupid enough to make such a pompous claim.

And of course the following day the news was broken by Hockeyy Insiderr that Hall and Oilers agreed to a deal.


And mainstream media caught up soon afterwards.

Another page in the story of Hockeyy Insiderr is now written. More and more of the “haters” are being won over. Noticed this when HockeyyInsiderr had the info Kane demanded for a trade and Dreger denied it. The fans all sided with Hockeyy Insiderr. Really happy for the guy, he is finally getting a small part of the infinite credit he fully deserves.

And I’ll end this with a little insider info of my own, as a TSN employee. Here at TSN the big name hockey reporters (Dreger and McKenzie per say) have a tendency to deny any rumors that weren’t broken by TSN.

How come Kane hasn’t signed yet? I have to side with Hockeyy Insiderr on this one… again!

Will continue my series of articles proving beyond any reasonable doubt the legitimacy of Hockeyy Insiderr. Until he is crowned as #1 source for all hockey rumors.

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