Why @HockeyyInsiderr is Legit

Hello friends.

My name is something I cannot reveal just like HockeyyInsiderr. I currently am employed by TSN and revealing my name would lose me my job. But I know who HockeyyInsiderr is and he knows who I am.

In fact, I will contact him via phone before posting this blog to tell him about it.

The purpose of this article is to show the world H.I. is not only a legitimate news breaker, but often his contacts provide him with inside scoops well ahead of mainstream media. I am doing this because he deserves the cred, not because he is my friend and not because working with Dreger, I find him more and more snotty every day. He thinks since Aaron Ward kisses his ass daily, he is the center of the universe… But I will not diverge from the purpose of this article any longer.

Here are some examples of stories broken by H.I. via Twitter. I challenge anyone to find someone who had the scoop before H.I. did. I couldn’t.

1) Vlasic signing with Sharks. https://twitter.com/HockeyyInsiderr/status/223150088334229504

2)Wolski signing with Caps https://twitter.com/HockeyyInsiderr/status/223147894369288192

3)Jagr signing with Stars, early morning the day of the signing!

4) Maybe one of the most amazing ones. Carle signing with TB, 48 hours before it was announced

5) Salvador re-signing with NJ, the night before he did.

6) Garrison signing with Canucks, hours before official announcement.

7) Schultz choosing Oilers, the day before it happened.

8) No doubt one of the most epic tweets. Announces Prust has Habs on top of his list. Also saying Quick and Crosby close to signing long term extensions, both announced officially by mainstream media and respective teams 48 hours later…

9) My personal favorite. Roy for Ott+? 2 weeks before it happened and this trade took everyone by surprise. Except HockeyyInsiderr’s followers.

10) Crosby signing extension 5 days before it happened.

11) Canes acquiring Staal 4 days before it happened.

12) Resurrecting the Schenn for JVR trade when everyone had it dead.

13) One of the top 5 without a doubt. Habs choosing assistant coach 2 weeks before it happened. Stuck to his guns despite every media outlet bashing him for this “fake info” which turned out to pan out.

14) Penner re-signing in LA.

15) Habs choosing Therrien as head coach. A month before official announcement!

16) Gauthier fired as Habs GM.

17) Devils hiring Stevens as assistant coach.

18) Quincey signing 24 hours before anyone (including Dreger who got the credit for the info)

19) Possibility of Weber being offer sheeted, when everyone said that was never going to happen.

20) Skinner re-signing with Canes 1 day before team announced it


21) Canes sign Semin. 1 day before actual official announcement.


22) Voracek extension 6 hours before everyone else.


23) Actual Weber term (HI got this correct, Dreger reported 100M+)


24) One of the best. Weber offer matched exactly 24 hours before Preds announced it.


This is only over the last 2 months since the creator of HockeyyInsiderr let me know about his account.

Now the most heat he gets is for divulging “wrong info” on Parise and Suter.

H.I. said Parise had a verbal agreement with the Pens and Suter with the Wings. I don’t know if this was true or not. I do work for TSN but I don’t have very many sources myself. I did hear Dreger speaking about Suter and Wings being as good as done. Didn’t hear much on Parise and Pens. But all this is beyond the point. The point is the following HockeyyInsiderr tweet from the morning Suter and Parise signed with Wild.

Again, about 6 hours before mainstream media broke official word they signed in Minny.

Bottom line is things do change fast in NHL talks. And H.I. remained on top of the story and released the info (once again, first) as soon as it was out there.

I am writing this blog in order for people to realize how legit HockeyyInsiderr is. Will keep on helping him getting the cred he deserves.



Disclaimer: My views and the views expressed in my articles or through Twitter do not represent those expressed by TSN.